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We are casual but some of us have an interest in PVP (and run it with friends from other guilds) and Ops. We prefer you have some idea how to play, but if you are cool, we will help you learn. I was an early adopter of the game upon launch but grad school got in the way so I had to hang it up for a few years.

Adorable though shrieking little humans are, plenty of people prefer to take their holidays without the little dears running around like demented Oompa Loompas. ', and being able to have a drink or three without worrying that you’re setting a bad example is a rather attractive proposition on a holiday.However, upon graduating I have returned to SWTOR on a more casual level.I try to play at least two hours a night during the week and a few hours a day on the weekends.Mediterranean selection of Iberian cured meats, olive oil, grated tomato, mini ciabatta rolls, and red wine.and clothing-optional resorts in the United States, Latin America, Mexico and Caribbean.