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If your network status indicates email support, but you still cannot send or receive email, continue troubleshooting. If the "G" or "EDGE" is not uppercase, this indicates that the devices are in range of an area with limited coverage.

Phone calls and texting will work, but data like web browsing and BES mail delivery will most likely not.

Beginning with version 4.1.2, the company introduced a new option, Black Berry Enterprise Server for Applications, which provides a secure wireless gateway for Black Berry devices without requiring the device owner to possess an email account.

The latest major revision, version 5.0, was released in 2009 for Exchange and Domino; support for Group Wise was added in 2010.

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Set up corporate BES email (enterprise activation).Install BES for MDaemon MDaemon Messaging Server provides the tools needed to configure custom IT policies to control various aspects of Black Berry device behavior.IT policies enable administrators to customize security and device settings for their Black Berry users, including password length and age, maximum logon attempts, encryption settings, and much more.Access the Settings section of your Blackberry device and select the Accounts section: Select the Add Account option found at the bottom of the screen: Select the Advanced option at the bottom of the screen (This document is built around the Advanced section, auto-configure might work but to make sure all the settings are accurate please select Advanced Select IMAP account as the type of account: This is where all the settings are set, please enter/confirm the following settings: Username: Your full email address Email Address: Your full email address Password: Your password Server Address: imap.Encryption: NONE Port: 143 SMTP Username: Your full email address SMTP Password: Your password SMTP Server Address: relay.SMTP Encryption: OFF SMTP Port: 587 Select Done, the settings should now be validated and double checked.If everything is good you have now setup Email on your Blackberry Z10 device. Email Settings for Account name: The name that will show up on the home screen Your name: The name that will be shown on the emails you send Incoming email server: imap.Account type: IMAP User name: Your full email address (ie: [email protected]) Password: Your Password Outgoing (SMTP) email server: relay.The above slider and table of settings should be sufficient for setting up EMail on most Blackberry phones.