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Lifestyle Medicine is the use of interventions such as evidenced-based nutrition, physical activity and stress management to treat disease. Rooke has practiced medicine for over 27 years and is board certified in both Occupational Medicine and Public Health/Preventive Medicine. Rooke is a fellow of both the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and the American College of Preventive Medicine. Rooke serves as adjunct faculty in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine at Emory University.Contact the author or visit her website Gregg is an active networker who understands the importance of building business relationships in the digital realm.“Engaging in executive coaching is an opportunity to uncover new dimensions of problem solving, discover potential for success, cultivate new skills, examine barriers and enlist strategic resources as part of a tailored plan of action towards a person’s professional growth.Ineffective patterns are identified and reframed in a way which allows for new, positive developments in a person’s performance.He is an Adjunct Professor of Business at Shorter University, a radio host on WATB 1420AM for the program he created, the Entrepreneurship and Business Empowerment Hour, publishes a monthly business online newsletter called Empowered for the small business community, and is the founder of the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Summit for National Small Business week.He is an avid researcher and speaker on business topics, and is working to create opportunities for small businesses development.

Coaching sessions are an active place to develop strategic goals, and work towards them with steady, measurable progress.Yet, here’s a chance for your students to get a jump-start on gaining self-respect while learning safe dating tips.This easy-to-use dating guide is filled with appealing, hands-on activities that can open teenagers’ minds to life-changing interpersonal skills most of us were never taught before.I will help you: * Understand the blocks in your relationships and resolve them * Identify and avoid toxic partners * Identify unproductive patterns and modify them in to new healthier behaviors * Address obstacles such as trust, sex and commitment My counseling and support will help you find more committed, satisfying, and intimate relationships.Make an appointment at my Los Angeles Psychotherapy office or at my Encino Psychotherapy office.