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Note: The Delta Air Lines Customer Commitment applies to our covered flights operating to, from, or within the U.S., and includes: We will disclose on our website, at the ticket counter, or when you call our reservation center to inquire about a fare or make a reservation, that the lowest fare offered by Delta to the general public for the itinerary you have requested may be available elsewhere, if that is the case.In her testimony before the Commission, Nancy Delogu, counsel to the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace, Mark Rothstein, professor of law and director of the Health, Law and Policy Institute at the University of Houston, concurred with Ms. employers are having a difficult time making a determination. 1998) (alcoholism is covered under the Rehabilitation Act); Mararri v. 1997) (the ADA treats drug addiction and alcoholism differently). Delogu, testifying before the Commission that the EEOC should engage in some sort of interpretive statement and, after consulting with experts in the rehabilitation community,could offer guidance that would be very helpful to employers in this area such as stating a particular length of time that an individual must be stable and making progress or require certification of an individual who had a substance abuse problem from some professional that they were making good progress before they would be covered [by the ADA], because . The courts have been reluctant to set out specific time periods, and this is an area that has caused a great deal of concern. The Circuit Courts of Appeals have held that a person can still be considered a current user even if he or she has not used drugs for a number of weeks or even months. El Paso Healthcare Systems, Ltd., the court held that the employee, a pharmacist, was a current user because he had used cocaine five weeks prior to his notification that he was going to be discharged. Circuit City Stores, Inc., In concluding that the plaintiff was still a current illegal drug user, the court noted that the ordinary or natural meaning of the phrase currently using drugs does not require that a drug user have a heroin syringe in his arm or a marijuana bong to his mouth at the exact moment contemplated.

Seating accommodation and aircraft accessibility for differently-abled passengers: We will do our best to allocate you a seat that is most suitable to your needs.Although combining separate one-way tickets usually results in a higher total fare than the one we offer for the same connecting itinerary, it is sometimes possible to find two or more one-way fares at a combined cost that is lower than the lowest fare Delta offers for the connecting itinerary.We do not search for or quote these options to you, because this increases the likelihood that you could experience customer service failures such as lost baggage and missed connections.Accessibility is much more, and it requires looking at how programs, services, and activities are delivered.Are there policies or procedures that prevent someone with a disability from participating (such as a rule that says “no animals allowed,” which excludes blind people who use guide dogs)?