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Check out a new movie poster for the upcoming romantic comedy “The Back-up Plan,” featuring a shot of Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin.“The Back-up Plan” plot: The film centers on Zoe (Lopez), a single professional who’s biological clock is ticking. Right, but is ready to start a family so she goes to extreme measures to begin the process.

Elta Danneel Graul was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, and was raised in the small town of Eunice in St. She moved to Los Angeles and continued her acting training.

The name "Danneel" was inspired by Danneel Street in New Orleans.

Some people say he is now dating Jared Padaleckie because they do share a house and he is know single.

If you are going to make a smart remark, at least spell his name correctly, it's Jared Padalecki.

Unaware of her condition, Stan begins to date » - David Sztypuljak Screen Gems has released synopses and some first look images from their 2010 films and it’s all after the jump.

Harris portrayed the role of Rachel Gattina a bad girl who creates havoc for the residents of Tree Hill and returned to her role as a series regular for the shows fourth season.

is a practicing ophthalmologist and her mother Deborah Graul works as an interior designer. Her first name is Elta, but she goes by her middle name, Danneel, professionally.

Before she landed her first acting role, Harris worked as a model with such companies as Big Sexy Hair and Juicy Jeans. In 2003 Harris landed her first role on the American Broadcasting Company Soap Opera television series One Life to Live as Shannon Mc Bain a student attending the fictional Llanview University.

Unaware of her condition, Stan begins to date Zoe and eventually falls in love with her.

As time progresses and her pregnancy symptoms continue to get worse, Zoe spills the beans about her baby and Stan is understandably shocked.