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Upon my recollection I realized that no woman of any other race other than white has ever expected me to buy her jack shit.

While being smart enough to realize that cardinal rule number one is to never buy women anything, it’s pretty convenient when you don’t end up in a situation of “buy me this drink or I’ll go whore myself off to another guy.” Plain and simple, no other race, other than white women, have a false sense of entitlement to go along with their acts.

It told its shareholders today that it had agreed to sell a consulting business which was operated under pre reverse takeover company Enverro to an Indian player, with the sale to be completed this month.

If you deal with white women less, you will in fact have more money, which in turn will translate to more nights out and more bangs.

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It also recently told its shareholders the cost per user acquisition metric “has been decreasing” following an increase in brand awareness.

DTX will be hoping the extra cash from the consulting business sale will help it bag even more customers as the result of a renewed marketing push in the market.